When it comes to shopping for things like electronic gadgets, accessories, furniture and more, oftentimes and unfortunately, the go-to tends to be buying them new. The temptation to quickly run to a store and splash cash for a finely boxed package is very strong, but at what cost?

Not only are these items expensive and very demanding finance wise, the cost of production is also expensive, talk about high cost for both buyer and seller.

So, if you’re new to buying refurbished items and also unsure if it’s good or right for you, let’s convince you why…

1. Saving money

One of the most obvious and well-known benefits of buying a refurbished item is the cost savings. You would often find that refurbished goods are up to 50% cheaper than a brand-new item. When you consider the amount of money saved, which could be put to good use somewhere else, then you find that getting a refurbished item for less the price and basically the same output is deemed wise.

2. Helping the environment and preserving natural resources

When you think about the resources that go into creating new products, it isn’t just the labor and materials. We end up consuming more raw materials for production. Each product that is manufactured is responsible for some level of depletion of natural resources. Whether it’s excavating oil, mining metals, clear-cutting forests, farming cotton, or pumping water.

Buying these refurbished goods means that the energy and natural resources that went into creating those goods have already been used. So, you’re basically not creating a demand for new items that require additional energy or deplete even more natural resources.

Last but certainly not least, when you buy refurbished, you’re giving those items a second life and saving them from being thrashed.

3. Packaging
Refurbished items are also well packaged as new items. Peradventure it needs to be presented as a gift, the recipient may not be able to differentiate between the refurbished item and a new one owning to the packaging and rebranding. This further goes to show that a refurbished item is cost effective, should you have it in mind to get an item but haven’t the financial capacity to do so, refurnished items save you the stress mentally and financially.

4. Supporting local brands /businesses

Whether you’re buying from a thrift store, vintage shop, social media or online market, the money you spend goes to a local business or vendor.

In fact, most of these local brands, also buy from individuals, so not only do you feel good about saving money and the environment, you also feel satisfied in supporting a local brand, and ultimately helping your local economy circulate money, cos there is always a 95% chance they’re reinvesting those funds in acquiring more goods, paying for local labor and also creating new products.

5. Finding unique items

Now that you’re well in the know about the huge benefits of buying refurbished items, here comes the fun part! Half of the fun in getting a refurbished is the thrill in the hunt.

Whether you’re searching for a new electronic device or an accessory, a fun piece of furniture for your house or games to play, you’ll find unique, sometimes hard-to-find items.

When you buy new, you’re typically choosing from mass-produced items that you and your neighbours might all have. Why be like everyone else? Beyond the obvious benefits of buying refurbished, you get the added bonus of owning items that you won’t find just anywhere.

Imagine getting that wonderful cookware set everyone thought was no longer in the market, or that particular refrigerator that’s been out of stock for months or that very computer accessory you’ve searched for everywhere. It comes with a different brag as being the only one in the neighbourhood who owns such an item.

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