Often times, a lot of persons have complained about getting items at second hand value and having troubles from when the items are bought, till they eventually grow weary and either ask for a refund or sell it off to pass on the troubles.

Now most times, this very complaint has always been met with the phrase ‘why didn’t you go for a new one’ but then again, would someone have the funds and yet opt for a used item. The reality were faced with is having choices and inadequate funds to match those choices or bring them to fruition, that has been the story of an average Nigerian.

While most persons would advise against getting a used item, they also can’t do much when you’re working on a budget, but is there a solution to give you an item? Specifically, that very dream one, that meets qualities such as durability, Reliability, Safety, Quality of design, Quality Conformance, package reusability and more at a market friendly price and within your budget range?

The answer to that is yes and that’s the idea behind recommerce or as commonly known, refurbishing.

You see Recommerce or reverse commerce is the selling of previously owned, new or used products, mainly electronic devices or media such as books, through physical or online distribution channels to buyers who repair, if necessary, then reuse, recycle or resell them.

In February 2005, George F. Colony, the head of Forrester Research introduced the term recommerce in response to a question about the technology spending trends after the Dot-com bubble: “There’s a lot of shelf-life issues out there. People are a couple of releases behind. Older PCs. There is a move to really go back to — we call it ‘recommerce’. Instead of ‘ecommerce’, it’s ‘recommerce’”. He said

The term is now primarily used to describe businesses which resell used goods. Most of them focus on consumer electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Physical media, such as books, DVDs, and blue ray discs are also significant.

For the sake of emphasis, it’s important to note that recommerce has been underway for a while now dating back to the year 2000. Beginning in the early 2000s, companies that professionalized the industry by offering professional buyback or trade-in schemes started to thrive: consumers could sell their old smartphones, TVs, or computers to offset the cost of a new one. This has been common practice with car sales for decades.

Now this is where there is a clear need to introduce you to the brand, Egoras, and while doing that it’ll be of importance to point out our slogan ‘”Making life easy for all’……..”.

You see as a brand we have sought for ways, ideas and methods to make the standard of living accessible and available to the average Nigerian. In reality, that’s what were all about and making this expansion was a move that’ll ensure we keep our end of the promise.

Recommerce is a huge deal in our world today and as such isn’t a cheap venture.

As a brand we take on this phase of the business with meticulously thought out plans for the now and future, bringing to you items that are as good as new and with an extra spice of a warranty.

We have made moves as regards sustainability, having acquired a new factory that would see us turn old into new, create from scratch and bring you refined and finessed products, all at a price that’s affordable and budget friendly.

Let the images speak for itself.

Not only would this part of the business make life and living easy for most persons, but it’ll also provide a source of income to others. You see having a factory is one thing and making it functional and usable is another, and as a means of also providing income, well employ individuals in their numbers and while academic qualifications would be considered, particular qualities such as creativity, experience and expertise would also be factored in to make room for passion.

So in one swoop, were offering a way out to get value for money and also a way to get busy and create, bring innovations to real life and making them work.

This would clearly not be an easy feat to achieve but as a brand we can say we are ready to take on the task.

Now, according to a study by ThredUp, the secondhand market is projected to double in the next five years, reaching US$ 77 billion. The report also stated that thrifting has become a new habit since the pandemic started two years ago.

In Malaysia, the Carousell Recommerce Index 2021 showed that eight out of 10 people have made secondhand purchases before, with a strong preference for buying electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets. In the Philippines, 92% of consumers responded that they’ve bought secondhand items, including unused and brand-new items by casual everyday sellers.

Using this stats, recommerce is the next biggest thing and as a brand, we have positioned rightly to move along and be a part of history!!!!!!



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