Do you know that with our Egoras protocol, you earn more when you support real individuals to access interest-free loans by being a loan validator?

The process is absolutely transparent and results yielding.

First head on to the website, then you’ll find two categories namely -{borrower} and {validator}

Click on and then you’ll be redirected to another page.

Now follow carefully the outlined steps.

2. Connect to Binance smart chain

Browse through the varying categories of collaterals available for validating and select collateral you wish to stake on, also as a way to make it easier, a category of recent collaterals is made available, but in any case, your particular choice isn’t shown in the recent category, there’s a further option of browsing through the list of collaterals

3. Click on the collateral of your choice, then click on back this loan

4. After that, a popup box would come up, with the subtitle {confirmation} and an area for you to input the backing amount.

5. Click on the box tagged backing amount, input the desired EGR token you would want to use in backing a loan.

5. Click on the back this loan and enter.

6. Wait for the voting of the loan process to be complete.

Note that you earn over 20% Apr weekly, for getting involved in the loan validating process and also, there is no loss of capital when you participate in approving collaterals on Egoras protocol. Your capital is released immediately the collaterals are approved on the protocol

About Egoras

Egoras microfinance protocol provides micro-credit to small entrepreneurs and enterprises who cannot take shelter of banks for banking and other services.

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