EgorasDAO’s Year in Review: 2020

We thank you all for your unwavering support, love, patience, understanding and encouragement as we keep evolving our ecosystem. The truth is that you all have been our backbone and we really appreciate it.

We would like to state our achievements so far.
We started our lending protocol last year September and we were able to give out loans to about thirty (30) to forty (40) businesses last year within the space of four (4) months we operated.

This year, our target is to onboard over a thousand (1,000) to 10,000 businesses and payout the first interest before the end of the first quarter of this year.

Our dex is 100% ready for use. We released V2 of the dex last week. You can go there and check out the new features added which are;

i) Now you can trade with zero spillage.
ii) When you lock your liquidity, you get an LP token which you can move around.

We will be starting our initial dex offering with Egoras Governance Token on Egoras protocol soon.

The focus of the team this year to on-board more businesses and expand the whole ecosystem.

Thank you for taking out time to read.


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