Egoras Inventory Liquidation

A couple of years ago, a group of persons came together to make a decision that would change the lending system, a protocol that would affect the giving of loans and that rather unanimous decision resulted in the birth of Egoras interest free loan.

Giving out loans at a zero percent interest rate, no credit checks and no guarantors. Over time users came to embrace this system as it proved helpful to individuals and businesses alike, with everyone benefitting from it.

Personal projects were carried out, new small-scale businesses were set up and lives were changed for the better.

With growth, comes changes and yes, we made a transition into another phase of the business, a phase that comes with a whole new feel and better returns and this we kicked off by an inventory liquidation of defaulted collaterals.

A sale saw a discount of about 75percent off the prices of items, and while on our end we made arrangements for a numerical strength of persons in their hundreds, having done the needful in publicity via radio, social media, fliers and even door to door messages, we were wowed at the turn out on the day.

On the 8th and 9th of April our doors were opened to thousands of people from and outside the city of Port Harcourt who showed up for our inventory liquidation, and it was massive. Sold out on both days is not a story you see everyday but that was our story.

Two days of intensive hitch free transactions spoke volumes about our discipline.

Egoras is going to the next step, becoming the next big thing and soon would be at your very door.

Brace up, for the impact would be like no other, jobs and opportunities created nationwide.

So, while we yet celebrate the huge success achieved with the inventory liquidation , we prepare to make an official statement soon on the launch of our savings platform.

As always, the drive has been ‘’Making life easy for all’ and that would always be the push we need to serve you better as a brand and dish out more innovations and ideas to improve the standard of living for the emerging market.

About Egoras

Egoras microfinance protocol provides micro-credit to small entrepreneurs and enterprises who cannot take shelter of banks for banking and other services.

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