Egoras Collaborates with ICO Pantera — Korea’s Leading Growth Accelerator

We’re delighted to announce that we are collaborating with ICO Pantera group, a leading Korea’s growth accelerator. ICO Pantera group have worked as a marketing group for top exchanges such as OKEX and Kucoin and has created marketing and other collaborations for dozens of projects.

Korea has long been one of the most active markets in the cryptocurrency space and has taken on even greater relevance as the Defi revolution continues to evolve. Egoras needs to have a strong Korean presence, and ICO Pantera is the best partner for that. ICO Panters will bring great synergy in the marketing and networking areas of Egoras entry into the Korean market.

Korea’s Largest Investment Community
Over 4 years old, ICO Pantera has built one of Korea’s largest and most passionate investment communities. But they are more than just a large community — they are at the forefront of the Defi revolution, with thousands of traders and investors now focused on Uniswap and other Defi protocols. With its huge reach and influence, ICO Pantera will help bring new attention to Egoras micro-credit protocol.

The Collaboration Ahead
ICO Pantera will be promoting Egoras to its community, they will be running Egoras Korean community! For any Egorian with a Korean background, please join our Korean Telegram channel.

About Egoras
Egoras protocol aims to address issues facing microfinance sectors like high-interest rates, dependence on banks, and indebtedness. Egoras protocol uses an on-chain treasury system to ensure that it does not lack the funds or liquidity for the loans and these funds are governed by the people. The protocol provides collateral lending to address over-indebtedness in the microfinance sector. Small business assets are converted to non-fungible tokens and represent the collateral which is later sold off when the borrower defaults on the loan.
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