Boost Your $EGC Holdings with a Compelling APY.

1 min readJan 28, 2024


Egodao empowers you to unlock the passive income potential of your EGC holdings through staking. This innovative platform functions like a crypto high-yield savings account, but with significantly higher returns. Instead of lending money to a bank for meagre interest, you actively contribute to a purpose-driven enterprise.

By staking your EGC, you support Egodao’s production of dual-fuel generators, tricycles, and electric vehicles, fueling a sustainable future. In return, you earn lucrative rewards calculated as percentage yields, far exceeding traditional bank interest rates.

Ready to start reaping the rewards?

1. Secure your EGC:

  • If you already own EGC, you’re good to go!
  • If not, you can conveniently purchase EGC on MEXC.

2. Stake your EGC:

  • Transfer your EGC from the exchange to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Visit and connect your MetaMask.
  • Navigate to the staking page, choose your desired amount, and initiate staking.

3. Watch your rewards grow:

  • Regularly claim your accumulated rewards to reinvest or enjoy.

Egodao offers a compelling proposition: earn attractive passive income while contributing to a greener future. Stake your EGC today and start experiencing the power of conscious cryptocurrency investment.