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In 2020, we launched Egoras microfinance protocol and committed ourselves to enabling uncollateralised micro-credit to small entrepreneurs and enterprises who cannot take shelter of banks for banking. That promise eventually led us to plan for Egoras 2.0 more than a seven months ago. We’ve been heads down building the next generation of microfinance banking, and now the time has come to reveal more information about our launch!

Egoras 2.0 consists broadly of four different components:

The general public is hereby notified that Egoras is migrating from Ethereum Blockchain to Binance Smart Chain. This is partly due to the high gas fees associated with transacting in the Ethereum Blockchain and other sundry issues.

As a result of this token swap or migration, Egoras will be reducing its total supply at the ratio of 1:1000, that is, from 100,000,000,000 (One Hundred Billion) Egoras token to 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million) Egoras token. The token swap have been completed and all EGR holders should import their wallet to metamask and change the network to bsc network.

The implication is…

The latest exciting announcement coming from the team here at Egoras/Gamestar is our newest partnership.This incredibly promising news opens the door to a number of opportunities and expansions for both Egoras and Gamestar across the DeFi space.

Several key features on both sides offer exceptional growth opportunities, in turn creating greater and more diverse opportunities for investors.

The Gamestar/Egoras partnership offers a plethora of potential collaboration opportunities, especially given the fact the two projects aim is honed in the same Countrys/Regions and the main audience is also the unbanked.

Given Gamestars position as a P2P Trading platform and Egoras’s Microfinancing…

The month of June was challenging for everyone, but thanks to Egoras amazing community, June delivered accomplishments. It was a remarkable month for Egoras, despite the challenges. So, as we start the month of July and we all look forward to what’s ahead, let’s review some of the most significant developments for Egoras Protocol over the past 30days.

June: A Landmark Month for Egoras Protocol

We successfully completed a strategic funding round. A total of $2.1 million was raised, led by Exnet Capital, and were joined by VBC Ventures, JunCapital, Buidlhodl, Three M capital, Resurgence Capital, and Blackdragon. …

We’re delighted to announce that we are collaborating with ICO Pantera group, a leading Korea’s growth accelerator. ICO Pantera group have worked as a marketing group for top exchanges such as OKEX and Kucoin and has created marketing and other collaborations for dozens of projects.

Korea has long been one of the most active markets in the cryptocurrency space and has taken on even greater relevance as the Defi revolution continues to evolve. Egoras needs to have a strong Korean presence, and ICO Pantera is the best partner for that. …

Egoras is proud to announce its partnership with Xendcredit, a service that enables traders to access short term credit to finance inventory from suppliers of FMCGs

XendCredit and Propoor agents are integrated with Sterling Bank of Nigeria to enable a closed-loop credit, payment and repayment system through mobile phones that enables traders to grow their inventory, increase revenue and build a credit history. XendCredit will utilise Egoras microcredit protocol to issue micro-credit to creditworthy micro-businesses who were enrolled by Propoor for government-backed loans through the Bank of Industry, Nigeria.

About Egoras

Egoras protocol aims to address issues facing microfinance sectors…

Yellow Road is a thriving platform and we are back with yet another great IDO for our community members. We are excited to announce that Yellow Road will be conducting the IDO of a single coin farming via staking by Egoras.

Egoras microfinance protocol provides uncollateralized micro-credit to small entrepreneurs and enterprises who cannot take shelter from banks for banking and other services.

The IDO of Egoras is scheduled to happen on May 24th, 2021, If you are interested in getting an IDO allocation of Egoras, you must fulfil the whitelisting requirements.

Whitelisting Requirements

Every Yellow Road community member will get an…

Egoras has successfully completed a strategic funding round. A total of $2.1 million was raised, led by Exnet Capital, and were joined by VBC Ventures, JunCapital, Buidlhodl, Three M capital, Resurgence Capital, and Blackdragon. Other backers were Chaos Capital, Aussie Capital, and Everse Capital.

By having these strategic investors onboard, Egoras will leverage key industry leaders to help navigate the protocol through its initial bootstrapping phase. Furthermore, the strategic investors were chosen specifically for their network and expertise in Traditional Finance, as Egoras works towards the launch of its protocol. There will be an Egoras public sale scheduled for May…

Medium and small enterprises around the globe face a major financing problem due to the collateral issues and limitations of the banking system. Taking out a loan or financing their business becomes next to impossible especially in developing nations where banking facilities are concentrated in a selected few, this is where the defi platform Egoras comes in as a perfect solution.

Defi over the past couple of years has emerged as a growing solution for most of the micro-financing issues through automation and smart contracts. Egoras built on top of the Ethereum network eliminate the core issue with financing i.e…

Decentralized Finance(Defi) has emerged as one of the biggest success stories of the crypto world over the past couple of years as it offers some of the finest automated banking and finance solutions in a decentralized manner. Right from making way for lucrative passive income opportunities to uncollateralized lending and micro-credit for those who cannot access the traditional banking system.

Egoras is one such defi solution making all the right noises in the defi space. After raising $1.3 million in a private funding round the defi lending platform is already turning into a lifesaver for numerous small entrepreneurs and enterprises.


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